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Quantum Therapies via distance learning:
a reality !

To understand how remote quantum therapies work, we need to walk the path from the manifested world to absoluteness.

Let's take what we have before our eyes: humans, animals, plants, minerals, planets, stars, universes, in short, our manifested world.

Now let's take the human being as an example. The body sets the limit with the rest of the world. If I pass the outer limit of the body and enter the more subtle manifestation of the human being, I will find the skin, the muscles, the blood, the organs, the cells that compose it. If I go further still, I will find the molecules, atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons, and a myriad of subatomic particles that make up the quantum field. And if I go even deeper into the subtle, I will find something implausible: the presence of a unified field of consciousness, that is, what is. 

énergie, santé, guérison, technologies quantiques, symptômes
énergie, technologies quantiques, guérison, santé, bien-être, épanouissement, forme, réparation énergétique

This field of consciousness is common to all spheres of the manifested world: all humans, all trees, all flowers, all stars, all animals. Everything that lives shares this immutable, timeless, unchanging field. And in this unchanging field the magic takes place in the changing manifestation: matter.


And it is also in this field that quantum technologies operate, this field where neither time nor space exist. Just get in touch by intention.


Quantum technologies, implemented through the QUEX-S/-ED, reproduce the communication capacities of the human brain (the most phenomenal of all quantum computers, never equaled by science) in its most subtle, by reproducing a trinary computer program making it possible to create and also receive a remote information field.

The human body is like the cosmic body,

The human mind is like the cosmic mind,

The microcosm is like the macrocosm,

The atom is like the universe.

The Upanishads

amour, énergie, guérison, bien-être
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