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QX World is one of the leading manufacturers of biofeedback devices: Scio, Indigo, Eductor, Quex-S, Quex-ED.

Created in collaboration with the inventor and father of biofeedback devices and modern quantum medicine, Professor Desire Dubounet (Professor William Nelson).

This unique development and support team for software and hardware for advanced quantum technologies, today offers the latest products from a long experience: the Quex-S and the Quex-ED, with a brand new software, Omnis, suitable for their outstanding performance. 

Our referent, Jacqueline Jacques, is a founding member of the European Foundation for Natural and Complementary Medicine and a member of the Foundation for Research in Holistic Medicine. 


Like together

Independent assistant, Noémie supports managers and self-employed people in the day-to-day management and development of their business.

Comm' together can take care of the administrative, commercial, financial management, communication and organization of events.

Noémie also offers Quantum Biofeedback in companies, with work on the entity itself or for the people who work there: manager(s), employees, etc.


Facebook: Comm' together - business management support


To reach Noémie Cavrois:

06 11 49 56 04 -

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