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guérison naturelle et énergétique, inconscient, invisible, technologies quantiques, réparation énergétique, équilibre
Work smarter and faster

Imagine an optimal way to do relaxation while having access to the unconscious and the subconscious. This is what Quex-ED and Quex-S allow. They will highlight what the body is ready to deliver as information, even the most buried, to bring the body back to its balance. 

The Quex-ED and Quex-S are ingeniously designed to work intuitively and expand your expertise. They are equipped with the most complete and interconnected holistic knowledge software on the market , available in several languages including French. 

The QUEX sends electrical signals to the body via more than 220 separate channels simultaneously.


Its objective is to apply all the energy corrections necessary to revitalize the client's organism at all levels (physical, mental, emotional).

énergie, technologies quantiques, guérison, santé, bien-être, épanouissement, forme, équilibre

The Quex detects and reads the electromagnetic oscillations produced by every molecule, cell, organ, gland and system in the human body.

Bioresonance reveals all frequency distortions associated with stress, dysfunction and disease. 

Dissonant frequencies can then be reduced or even canceled by inversion, while healthy oscillations are amplified to help the body heal itself. Our body's natural ability to self-regulate and heal is restored and stabilized.

oscillations électrmagnétiques

The Omnis software database contains more than 10,000 frequency signatures in different panes:

  • physical: bones, muscles, organs, tissues, cells, all minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, the signatures of homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine products, but also the frequency signatures of the most common diseases, emotions, viruses, bacteria, fungi, ...

  • emotional: neuro-transmitters, Bach flowers, essential oil complexes, flower essences, emotions chart, ...

  • environmental: geopathic stress, hartman, curry-cross, ...

  • psychological: addictions, anxiety, phobias, ...

  • spiritual: dormant genes, activation of the 15 planes, aura, chakras, ...​

Some of the image therapies
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Find out more about Qx devices
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