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Meditations & Frequential Healing Programs

We offer you different self-healing programs, based on love frequencies and energy.

These programs can be used every day (except Quantum K), for your own well-being but also for your home and your environment, in order to calm your heart and your soul and bring you on the path of self- healing. 

For all musical frequency programs, it is not necessary to turn the sound very loud. You can absolutely put it in the background when you are working, busy with your activities, or even when you are sleeping! That's why you can find tracks of several hours...

The Song of Hu

Quantum K

I refer you to the blog article on the song of Hu:

Hu, the song of the Universe (

Cardiac coherence

La cohérence cardiaque

Sacred Frequencies

396 Hz - Freedom from guilt and fear

417 Hz - Facilitate Change, Transmute

639 Hz - Reconnection and balance of relationships

852 Hz - Return to spiritual order

432 Hz - Absolute Harmony

528 Hz - DNA Repair

741Hz - Troubleshooting

963 Hz - Connection to universal energy

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