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Daniele_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_Rovira

Passionate about human nature since always, I was very early confronted with the limits of conventional medicine. I was able to integrate through my experiences the reality of complementary therapies of being. I reoriented my career in the 90s towards personal development and holistic therapies such as: biological decoding, psycho genealogy, behavioral and structural numerology and other energy therapies.

In 2007 I met an exceptional tool: the “SCIO”.

After 25 years of practice as a therapist, the choice of quantum therapy has naturally emerged as the most effective tool.




















Today, as a trainer, I put all my experience in quantum therapies at your disposal with the QUEX-S and QUEX-ED tools, the new generations of the SCIO.

I offer you rich support from my lifelong self-taught approach and my solid training . concrete actions and the results obtained on the problems dealt with.

Our training center is located in Prades sur Vernazobre, near Béziers (Hérault, Occitanie region). Training is also possible online via skype.

To reach me: +33

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